Arim Yoon

Arim Yoon is a master student for Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. She graduated Hong-ik University in Seoul, Korea. While three years of working periods, she designed several App and Game projects, and honored several international awards.

She likes to create a service, brand, identity, user interface, and following visual elements in an aesthetic way. She believes that design is a storytelling more than just an decoration.

Current Project: Cooperative Education

Role: Visual Design Co-Op, Intuit, San Diego, CA

Internship: Intuit


Past Projects

  • Wall Walkers

Educational History

Arim Yoon is studying Entertainment Technology in Carnegie Mellon University as an 2D artist and UI designer. Before coming to CMU, she studied Visual Communication design when she was attending BA in Hong-ik University, Seoul, South Korea. She was a member of movie-making club 'Dromapic' in the department. She had learned graphic design, video taking and editing, typography, advertising, branding identity, and illustration.

Work History

Arim Yoon had three years of work experience in Wizard Works, an innovative start up company in Seoul, South Korea. She worked as a designer and had lead and directed most of art and graphic processes. Especially, she directed whole graphics for mobile, web, branding for Wizard Work's representative product, SomNote and SomTodo which is a multi-platform note-taking service.