Allison Sommers

Allison grew up in New York City, beginning in 1959. The process is ongoing. She strayed from the primrose paths of academia after but a brief stroll in 1977 -- and since then has worked as an Equity stage manager for 35 years - on Broadway, off, in music, dance, regional theatre, and national/international touring. Her life in the theatre was rocked profoundly when she discovered Virtual Worlds, and it was then she realized she wanted nothing more than to Put On Shows using the miraculous tools of the 21st century. To that end - and with her sights set unwaveringly upon attending the E.T.C. - she at last returned to school in 2010 to earn a B.A. at a ripe old age, and then found her way to Pittsburgh. Her recent studies have been in studio art, digital 2D and 3D art, and writing; she hopes to use these skills alongside the thing or two she knows about Show Business to create Virtual Theatre - in whatever form it may reveal itself.

Role: Experience Design

Educational History

B.A. Digital Art Empire State College S.U.N.Y.

Work History

The Voyage Artist Spring 2013   Slime! Fall 2013   Synesthesia - The OK Go Project Experience Design Fall 2013