Alyson Szymanski

The School of Communications at Northwestern University encouraged media integration, exploration, originality, critical analysis, creativity, and vision, in order to critically interpret contemporary media, envision alternative structures in theory and in practice, and reinvent the media of the future. Now the ETC is expanding my knowledge base to further my pursuit of creative solutions aimed at enriching the experience of others.

I look for a professional environment that is open, adventuresome, creative, and interested in pushing the industry. I believe I am extremely qualified to develop, problem solve, and execute projects. My long term goal is a career that affects audiences and enriches individuals' lives and daily experiences.

Skills: filmmaking, teaching, production managing, PR, event planning, building virtual worlds, creativity, leading, following, dealing with ambiguity, empathizing, learning, pumpkin scones, lady bugs, and the color yellow.

Educational History

BS in Communications Northwestern University