Benjamin Miller

Ben Miller has wanted to be a video game designer since he played the Atari 2800 when he was five years old. As he grew and progressed through school he also learned to love literature, theater, cinema, and the fine arts. He pursued these disparate interests throughout his time at the University of Virginia where he earned a degree in English (focus on rhetorical studies) and Computer Science (focus on computer graphics).

After graduating he worked as an Educational Project Manager at Scientific Software Solutions Inc., a small medical and educational software developer focused on developing products to help treat and educate individuals with congenital heart disease. He worked as their primary educational software salesman, guided the development, marketing and sales for the PedHeart line of software applications.

Simultaneously, after graduation, Ben worked for the University of Virginia as a freelance computer graphics artist. He primarily animated characters for the Adventures of Cavman shorts that were shown to thousands of people at home football and basketball games. During this same period of time Ben also designed websites for a financial planner, a touring country rock band, and a medical company.

Ben views the ETC as the perfect chance to explore the nature of interactive storytelling and continue to fuse two lifelong interests in his life: great literature and immersive game experiences. Ben looks forward to pushing boundaries in the world of interactive media while at the ETC.

Educational History

English and Computer Science University of Virginia