Bimal Sadhwani

Bimal was born and raised in Mumbai, India. Ever since his childhood, he was fascinated by games especially the graphics. He still remembers his first game-on his very first console- the Nintendo. He spent hours at end trying to complete the game.

He completed his undergrad in Computer Science in 2004.During these years, he become aware of the world of Virtual Reality and the amazing worlds that could be brought to life. Since then he knew he wanted to make it big in the field of animation and Virtual Reality. That's why to enhance his skill set he did a One Year Course in 3D Modeling and Animation using 3D Max and Maya. However, the opportunities for graduate studies in this area of specialization were a bare minimum back at home. He wants to make experiences in an interactive world worth living.

That's why he's come to America to pursue his dream at the ETC.

Educational History

Computer Science TSEC, Mumbai