Rik, Ching-Fang Chuang

Throughout her life, Rik has always had a passion for combining art and technology. Born in Taiwan, she began her studies in Singapore and continued on to major in 3D Design at the University of Iowa. With a talent for 3D modeling and animation, Rik entered the Entertainment Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon University in the Fall of 2012.

Initially focusing on her artistic abilities, she continued on to gain experience in various aspects of the gaming industry, eventually learning the language of and communicating efficiently all of the parties involved game development. Through her projects at ETC, she realized she was most passionate about working with her teammates, assisting them to do what they do best. Combining this, with Rik’s natural ability as an enabler, has led her to focus on a future as a producer in the video game industry.

Current Project: Cheshire

Role: Producer

3D Modeling
3D Animation

Past Projects

  • HachiBashi (Interactive Japanese Culture)

Educational History

University of Iowa -3D Design

Work History

KiTES Artist Spring 2013   HachiBashi (Interactive Japanese Culture) 3D/2D Artist Fall 2013