Christopher Patlovany

I have three passions in my life: visceral adventure, a love of storytelling, and a need to understand how humans relate to their world. When viewed through those lenses, my life suddenly makes sense. I am now attending the ETC in order to become a video game producer and designer and am especially interested in creating immersive group experiences.

I have hiked through some of the tallest mountains and deepest canyons in America. I've canoed the lakes and rivers of Canada. I've sailed the Caribbean and dove the Great Barrier Reef. I have been an archaeologist specializing in excavating shipwrecks. I've owned my own marine salvage business. I've written countless stories and modules for tabletop role playing games. My life has given me a library of experiences to help craft new adventures for others to experience, and I hope to use them in the gaming industry.

Current Project: Cooperative Education

Role: Producer

Internship: Schell Games


Past Projects

  • Six Tinkers

  • Expresso: Expressive Games for Ouya

Educational History

BA Anthropology Texas A & M

Work History

Expresso Producer   Epiphany Producer Fall 2013