Chirag Raman

Being exposed to music, art, theater and science as an impressionable child, Chirag developed a passion for combining art and science into a composite experience that engages people.

He developed a love for Programming because it seemed like perpetual puzzle solving to make an inanimate computer do interesting things, and consequently pursued his Bachelors of Engineering in Information Technology.

Although some of the best hours of his childhood were spent playing the earliest DOS games, building/tinkering with things, and sweeping his jaws off the floor after witnessing Max Payne's bullet time, Chirag didn't realize it would be possible to combine all his passions into a career until he came across the ETC midway through his undergraduate program; and then he knew he had to be there.

At the ETC Chirag has spent his time imagining the craziest things he thinks would be cool to build and then going about building them. He intends to get good enough at everything he is passionate about in order to be able to build experiences that moves people. He considers science, technology and art as mediums to the end of telling a story and aims at combining them seamlessly to achieve the synergistic experience that moves people.

Chirag is currently on a semester co-op at Walt Disney World where he is creating Awesome with the swell folks of the Next Generation Experience New Media Group and the New Technology Group.

Educational History

Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering Information Technology