Christian Tsu-Raun

I believe that most people are truly bright, but are disenchanted with the thought of learning. I don't believe that this makes them lazy, but that it is symptomatic of a larger problem, that people raised in the United States grow to be disenchanted with the process of learning.

There are several conditions leading to this, but inevitably it comes to resource management. Education does not get enough funding to provide a high level of personalized instruction on the public school level. There are indicators of this: the increase in private and magnet schools, an increase in extracurricular learning programs. There is currently an enormous amount of potential in production of software for educational purposes. Specifically, in creation of software that seeks to stand apart from the classroom while giving youth a competitive edge. That edge is not better test scores or higher performance on report cards, but is a root cause that cultivates both of those outcomes: the desire to learn.

Educational History

B.A. English Writing: Literary Fiction University of Pittsburgh