Dilara Semerci

Imagine a 2-year-old girl trying to jump synchronously with Super Mario every time her brother makes him pass over the mushrooms. This was the world that Dilara was born into. Since her childhood, she had a strong desire for the machines in general. She was too willing to examine their behaviors that this desire sometimes put her in trouble as her brother was not that happy to face with a broken down computer but to be banned for some time did not make her lose her curiosity. While playing WoW during her highschool years, she discovered that not only the story but also the programming logic behind it attracted her. She imagined herself in the creative teams building these beautiful games. In order to get one step closer to that dream, she has chosen to study Computer Engineering.

When she learned about the ETC; she discovered that it is what she was searching for: working together with artists, sound designers, programmers to build those virtual worlds. After all these years passed with programming, she did not hesitate for a second to apply for this program as it had everything that she was longing for; creativity, interdisciplinary teamwork, graphics, music and game programming. Creating a final product that makes people have fun was yet another thing. Moreover, it was offered by the computer scientists' dreamland!

Current Project: Serenity

Role: Gameplay Programmer

Past Projects

  • Kotodama Fruit Juice (Stories that Listen)

  • Lazer Mouse

Educational History

Computer Engineering Bogazici University

Work History

Lazer Mouse Producer/Programmer Spring 2013   Kotodama Fruit Juice (Stories that Listen) Programmer/Game Design/Producer Fall 2013