Erin Fernandez

From the first time I picked up a book I've been fascinated with language, images, and the worlds they can create. It was only natural that I fell hard for video games the first time I played Myst. It was a slippery slope towards a happy addiction. Let's just say I've beaten all 200 levels of the Ancient Cave in Lufia: The Legend Returns for Gameboy Color. You don't even *want* to know how many AA batteries died in service of that quest.

To gain a greater understanding of interactive texts, I earned a BS in Psychology and a BA in English at the University of Florida. It was through my English major that I first studied games from an academic perspective. As I continued my studies with a Master of Arts in narratology and video game theory at UF, I realized that studying games just wasn't enough. I loved the language and worlds of games so much that I wanted to design my own.

And so I decided to come to the ETC. I feel that this is the perfect place to refine my technical skills, and to translate the biggest ideas I have into reality.

I love to push the visual and narrative boundaries of gaming, and my goal as a designer is to make games that inspire others the way they inspire me.

Educational History

BS in Psychology, BA in English, MA in English (Narratology and Ludology) University of Florida