Fan Fang

Fan is a hardcore RTS gamer. When he was a kid, he started playing all kinds of RTS games, like "Age of the Empire" series, "Warcraft" series, "Red Alert" series, etc. So, in order to make his own games, he went to college to study Computer Science. During his college, he made two card games, one of them is multi player defense game, the other is a story based game. All his classmates enjoyed his games very much, and they told him that there is a place in the US named "ETC" which is a place to learn how to make games. He then started applying the ETC. As a student of Computer Science background, he did not think his skills fit ETC requirements. So, he learned 3D max, Warcraft III WorldEditor, Lua to make him more competitive in applying ETC. Then, he did it. While learning those tools, he also played lots of new games at that time, trying to figure out the key point of making an awesome game. He also did some researches on Online Games Virtual Economy trying to figure out how to run an Online game successfully. During his researches, he also read books about Economic and Marketing as well as psychology. In all, he is the guys who loves learning new cool stuff. He believes that he is a game designer.And he has designed some cards games.

Educational History

Computer Science and Technology Chongqing University