Fei Wang

"My dream is to be a top game designer," facing 55 new classmates, Fei said confidently on the first day of his high school," to design a lot of creative and educational games." From that day on, he realized game design is the thing worthy of pursuing in his whole life time, and since then he tried his best to realize his dream, including studying the related techniques and cultures, experiencing more and exploring his abilities in all kinds of fields.

He's the kind of person who is eager to experience new things and design fresh, creative things, so since the first time he played games, he was deeply attracted and immersed in the creative playing systems beautiful pictures, exciting game experiences. As He was playing games on FC, MD, SFC in elementary school time, SS, PS, GB, in junior school time, DC ,PS2,XBOX in high school and university time, his understanding of the games developed a lot. The interest of playing gradually changed into the desire of designing his own games.That interest led him to choose Automation as his undergraduate major for its broad arrangement of knowledge, including programming, control theory, system optimum and management methods. In his spare time, he spent a lot of time on photoshop, 3D max,webpage design because of his interest of art, which will obviously help the design of game. He also learned all steps and details of managing and designing a good game through professional magazines and conversations with professional game designers.

In ETC, he's so excited being exposed to a diversity of cultures, the latest multimedia techniques and the broad course arrangement. He's ready to face new challenges in such a great environment, as well as bring some fresh thinking, interesting Chinese cultural additions and creative thought to the program.

Educational History

Automation Science and Egineering South China University of Technology