Garth DeAngelis

As a young boy, Garth enjoyed illustrating and writing original stories, learning piano, playing sports, and immersing himself in videogames. As he grew up, reality set in that a career must be chosen that would pay the bills and his focus transitioned to the business world. After college, he worked his way up the corporate ladder and became a VP at a nationally renowned financial institution, managing his own financial team and advising personal clients high-net worth portfolios. But something was still missing from Garths life.

After reading Daniel Pink's "A Whole New Mind" and seeing the benefit of a right-brained future in America's job force, Garth decided a change was necessary to embrace a career he loved with laser-focus precision.

As Garth's business colleagues were reading the Wall Street Journal and analyzing the sub-prime market, Garth found himself studying trends in the videogame industry such as advancements in interactive storytelling and how to be a successful game developer. Throughout his entire life, Garth never lost sight of what he loved as he dabbled in side-projects to fulfill his creative hunger. Garth is a published writer, singer & songwriter, concept artist, and overall entertainment enthusiast.

Garth hopes to translate his interpersonal skills he honed in the business world to become a skilled Producer-Designer in the entertainment industry.

Educational History

Business Administration- Marketing & Management Elizabethtown College