Eleanor Chen (Ge)

With a drawing background from both design and programming, Eleanor always wants to find a way to combine art and computer technology. So when she was accepted by ETC, it was like a dream come true. Being a game artist in SV campus is a new challenge to her, which makes her even more intrigued and excited about the future in game industry. The experience in ETC helped her to widen perspective and build skills, while becoming more familiar with the industrial work environment and the cooperative work approach. She is ready and willing to commit to the hard work required to establish strong working abilities. From Beijing to Pittsburgh then to Silicon Valley, she persists in pursuing her passions and interests. She believes in the old adage:The stage of your life extends as far as the heart goes.

Current Project: Serenity

Role: UI/2D Artist

3D/2D Art

Past Projects

  • Chimera (Interconected Game – EA)

Educational History

Bachelor of Engineering Computer Science and Technology(Digital Media Technology) Beijing Language and Culture University

Work History

Watchtower 2D Artist Spring 2013   Chimera 2D Artist Fall 2013