Hyewon Park

The unifying theme of Hyewon's varied background is how her artistic aspirations have been expressed in technology and have been motivated by her love for digital entertainment.

First, Hyewon worked at one of the largest game companies in Korea, Neowiz Games, as a graphic designer for games such as FIFA Online and NBA Street Online. She was involved in designing aspects of the user interface such as menus, windows, buttons, and icons. The intuitively designed UI was credited with the high retain rates of first time users, which helped FIFA Online to become the largest online game in Korean history.

Second, she studied fine arts at Seoul National University, the most prestigious school in Korea. Not satisfied with taking every course related to computer graphics design, she participated in the university's computer club where she was the officer of computer graphics. She organized the club's annual exhibitions and held numerous open-door tutorials on graphic design. Furthermore, her digital collage work received the Bronze Prize from Samsung Digital Fine Arts Competition.

Third, she has a profound love of computer games. One of her favorite hobbies is playing the games which she helped to develop. Furthermore, she has even competed at a professional level for Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft, making televised appearances for interviews and Intel Warcraft 3 Tournament. She has firsthand experience of computer games converging with broadcast medium and believes that digital entertainment will have an increasing impact on our future.

Hyewon's career objective is to become a creative director who oversees the development of a game from its first conceptualization to its last realization. While she has taken the first steps towards that goal by working as a graphic designer, she yearns for a more comprehensive experience in architecting digital entertainment.

Educational History

B.F.A. Visual Design Seoul National University