Ivan Ortega

Ivan picked up programming at the age of 6 using an Apple //c+. Four years later he began to figure out how to make games. With the help of a Mac 512K Ivan embarked on a journey into pixel animation, user interface design, 2D and 3D render pipelines, modeling with early wireframe lathe + revolver tools (1996!). During high school he developed both art and programming sides, but started a computer science degree at University of Connecticut. After 3 semesters he switched into Communication/Graphic Design to complement his first job making the back + front end of websites in a design studio. Learning the solid fundamentals of art and design in undergrad lead him to begin chasing his dream of making games. Ivan looked for grad schools that were related and landed a spot in ETC. Having graduated Ivan is free to continue to explore new paths. He hopes to one day teach and run a design studio making games, websites, print and more :)

Educational History

BFA Communication Design University of Connecticut