Joseph Grubb

I was born and raised in Morehead, a small college town nestled in the rolling hills of Kentucky. I graduated Magna Cum Lade from Morehead State University, where I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree. During my years as an undergraduate I also received online training from the Academy of Art in San Francisco where I obtained an Online Award of Completion in Maya Applications in Animation.

Games have been an infatuation of mine ever since my first glazed-eye experience staring at the pixel-based brilliance that was the Intellivision. I would often allow my mind to wander from class as a toddler, focusing my thoughts on what I would change about the games that captivated me instead of my school work. While other kids were working on their addition and subtraction, I was creating the newest level for Ninja Gaiden. I now have the opportunity to make those childhood dreams a reality with the only real difference being that I no longer have to hide my sketches from the professor.

My passions lie in concept art, texturing, character design, and 3D environmental art. My genre of choice would be Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) due to their immersive possibilities. To take the player into another world where they can have an experience unlike anything they have ever felt before is what I thrive on. There is no greater satisfaction than pouring my entirety into a project to have others see it and simply state, "That's awesome."

I was a graduate student at the Entertainment Technology Center and I love what I do.

Educational History

Bachelor of Arts Morehead State University