Josh Taylor

As resident native of the North Hills of Pittsburgh, Josh attended Pine-Richland High School where he first started to develop an interest in programming under the direct tutelage of Mr. Corcetti, his CS mentor. Unable to afford his own computer until his junior year, he was fortunate enough to have friends like Matt Gordon who allowed him to tinker on their own PCs in order to satisfy his burgeoning interest. By the end of his senior year, Josh was completely obsessed and decided to attend the Pennsylvania State University where he would inevitably graduate with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and a Minor in Mathematics.

For three years, Josh crunched mindlessly through the tedious and somewhat bland curriculum offered by the CSE department at Penn State. As interesting as the actual coding was for the development of a PDP-11 emulator out of SPARC assembly, he failed to find the significance of the project as well as a great deal of others he was involved in during that time. Completely lost and without any sense of direction about what he would like to do for a living, Josh scheduled the Artificial Intelligence and Computer Graphics courses that were offered out of sheer interest in the topics. Little did he know at the time, but those courses would give him the nudge and the confidence he desperately needed to pursue his aspirations of becoming a game developer.

Josh comes to the Entertainment Technology Center with an unadulterated excitement about the endless possibilities that lie before him. Finally he will be able to work on projects that have significance, that are exciting and fun, and most of all, will prepare him to become a better entertainment technologist in the future. Now that his childhood dream of attending Carnegie Mellon is now in reach, Josh merely hopes he can suck up the knowledge of those around talented individuals him like a sponge while giving something back in return. In the next two years, Josh hopes to dabble in all aspects of entertainment technology while continuing to expand his imagination and creativity.

His personal interests include a wide variety of hobbies, ranging from game programming with a focus in CG and AI to roller hockey and lacrosse. An admitted IRC addict with a love for Medieval Fantasy, Josh can often be found role-playing with his absolute, most favorite Canadian, Pamela, during his spare time. If he is not found playing on IRC, Josh is either reading fantasy novels or playing CRPGS. Over the past few years, he has also developed a distinct passion for 3D Modeling and hopes that he will pick up a trick or two from the amazing artists he is surely going to encounter during his time at the ETC. Last but not least, Josh is a diehard Penguins and Steelers fan, but then again, who isn̢

Educational History

BS Computer Science, Minor in Math Penn State University