Kelsey Livingston

Kelsey grew up in rural Wisconsin amongst corn fields and dairy farms. As she was too small to engage in cow-tipping, she contented herself with obsessively organizing and categorizing all of her belongings, playing Myst and Monkey Island, and looking forward to occasional trips to the Circus World Museum, American Players Theatre, and the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.

All of these interests were overshadowed, however, by her discovery of the theatre in the eighth grade. After a brief stint as Cinderella in the school play, she realized that it was much more fun to be behind the curtain than in front of it. She went on to stage-manage nine productions and intern in theatres from New York City to Beijing. Besides her passion for stage management, she also worked as an electrician, a lighting designer, and a sound designer.

At the end of her sophomore year at Smith College, Kelsey fell in love with programming and eventually changed her major to computer science. It was around this time that she discovered the ETC and realized that there was a place where her left brain/right brain hybridity would be welcome.

Kelsey is excited to become a producer for the same sort of games, educational exhibits, and themed experiences that she loved as a child.

Educational History

B. A. Math and Computer Science Smith College