Kunjel Chawda

Kunjel showed early signs of creativity and lateral thinking when she started coloring the cows blue in her kindergarten art class. The child of an engineer cum musician father and a rifle shooting champion mother,Kunjel had a horrible aim and an equally horrible musical sense.

But what she was talented in was her 486 PC. The way she would program in BASIC and use Wordstar, would amaze a lot of people.

So after completing her schooling from a total of 5 schools and in 3 different cities, Kunjel decided to make computers her career. She sat for an entrance test and got chosen to study Computer science at Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda. She then applied for a post graduation in New Media Design in NID, Ahmedabad, India one of most prestigious design school in the world. At NID, Kunjel had the best time of her life as the place taught her to think out of the box and see the power that design has to change people's life.

After learning so much about the power of good interaction design, Kunjel wanted to explore it more. She wanted to explore how new upcoming technology, combined with new paradigms of interactions can open up new entertaining experiences. She came to know about Carnegie Mellon University's ETC and got into its Masters in Entertainment Technology program.

The first semester at ETC, nicknamed the "Boot Camp" was an intensive semester where students worked in terms of 4 to create a new experience every 2 weeks on platforms like the Head mounted display(HMD), Playmotion Screen, JamODrum Table top interface, Tracker Box table, Beyond Question Remotes and Laser sensing.

Educational History

Interaction Design , National Institute of Design Computer science, MS University