Lauren Etta

Born and raised in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA, Lauren quickly discovered she had a natural curiosity in mechanical technology - dismantling toasters and VCRs to see how the internal components made the devices function. Naturally, Lauren elected to attend Virginia Tech and concentrate on Mechanical Engineering to further develop her affinity for mechanical technology. While there, Lauren specialized in 3D modeling applications and became the first student at the school to be certified by the SAE in the use of Unigraphics.

Lauren, who still holds onto her childhood passions, enjoys: building twisting and turning bobsled paths in the snow, riding mattresses down stairs, and amusement parks with incredible roller coasters. She also loves simulation and role-playing games, such as: Rollercoaster Tycoon, World of Warcraft, and the first Sims.

Lauren's dream is to combine her mechanical engineering ingenuity with her childhood passions to design entertaining experience for children.

Educational History

Mechanical Engineering Virginia Tech