Li-Heng Liang

Born and raised in Taiwan, the island of advanced technology in electronic device manufacturing, Li-heng finished his college education as a bachelor of electrical engineering. He was trained and has become a versatile programmer who knows both how to code on the hardware level as well as how to write efficient computer programs with the correct choice of data structures and algorithms. Growing up making friends with math and science, however, Li- heng has always been regarding himself as an artist. It is like a nature for him to notice and appreciate the beautiful things around, and he was also gifted in bare-hand drawing, along with an exceptional sense of space and light. Although never formally trained, he seized the opportunity to refine his artistic skills by participating in various kinds of design jobs that supported the school's events. Li-heng was in charge of the Art & Propaganda group in the students' association for one year. During the summer that followed, he granted the chance to work as an programming intern in Microsoft's China Technology Center. This 2- month internship gave him the picture of what it takes to work as a software engineer, and how resource and workflow are organized in a company as large as Microsoft. After applying both sides of his skill sets into the real world, Li-heng realized that no matter being a technologist or an artist, it is to make the things that make people happy that he really feels passionate for. Seeking a precise education in Carnegie Mellon University, on the road ahead Li-heng is determined to create great things that a entertaining nature lies within.

Educational History

B.S. Electrical Engineering National Taiwan University