Sophie Lu "Ling-Hsuan"

From a young age, I held a deep fascination for arts of all forms, and my musical talents allowed me to shine and gain admissions to the most selective programs in Taiwan for gifted students. Along the way, I won numerous honors (e.g. Taipei City Oboe Competition, International Education Association of Japan Piano Competition, etc.) and was voted Most Talented Student at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). I performed extensively as the principal oboe for the NTNU Orchestra and was actively involved in cheerleading, theater, etc., even producing my own film. I further collaborated with students from various film departments and gained invaluable practical experiences composing music for their productions. As the musical director of a Christmas video game live concert organized by the Banqiao Municipal government, I oversaw the musical selection, purchase of copyrights, liaison with the press, coordination with bands, lighting, choreography, sound effects, etc., and personally penned three Christmas carols. I learned to manage and work well in a team, and the performance received overwhelmingly positive affirmation. After graduation, I first joined Gisi Creative Co. as a music producer and later Next Media Animation (Asia

Educational History

Bachelor of Fine Arts National Taiwan Normal University