Linhan Li

I grew up in Chongqing, the "Mountain City" of China. When I was a child, I lived in a Diaojiaolou style home, which is a very old and beautiful traditional wooden house. I spent most of my childhood sketching the amazing Diaojiaolou architecture around me and playing Nintendo-FC with my brother. My passion growing up was in pencil sketching and oil painting. When I learned the Logo programming language in fifth grade, I was excited to discover that I could achieve something with technology that I couldn't do with my drawing pen. From then on, I was intrigued by the concept that art can be enhanced by using computer technology.

After years of playing video game, I went on to study computer science as my undergraduate major. I wanted to study something that could educate and entertain people. In my undergraduate study, I mainly focused on Natural Language Processing. Through this, I learned how AI makes a computer "clever". With knowledge gained from my undergraduate study, I won the Mathematical Contest in Modeling, using mathematical modeling and computer technology to solve real world problems.

I am currently a first year student at the Entertainment Technology Center. ETC has turned out to be the perfect fit for me, since I can combine my computer science major with my love of art. I want to focus my skills on shader programming, improving art with special effects.

Educational History

Bachelor of Science Beijing Language and Culture University