Lucas Machado

Lucas was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but has spent 6/7 of his life in Kearny, New Jersey. As a result, Lucas is much better at Fifa 2005 than traditional non-virtual soccer. Lucas graduated in May 2005 from Rutgers University's School of Engineering with a double major in Electrical & Computer Engineering and Console/PC Gaming. As it turns out, Rutgers does not give out degrees in Console/PC gaming, but at least he has fought terrorism, foiled the Covenant's plans, and accumulated more online friends than real-life friends. Some of Lucas' hobbies include World of Warcraft, Texas Hold'em, seeing live bands, cycling, attempting to skateboard, and reading. Lucas is also a huge fan of the New York Yankees and whoever beats the Boston Red Sox.

The day Lucas found out there was a place where he could learn to make video games and receive a higher education degree was the second happiest day of his life (the first being the day he learned he was accepted to this magical place). Almost every kid dreams at one time or another about making video games, and Lucas, who has yet to grow up, is very excited to be living the dream.

Educational History

BS Electrical & Computer Engineering Rutgers University