Mary-Anne (Zoe) Wallace

Zoe recently returned to the ETC after several years work experience to pursue her Masters and a career that will nurture and challange both her creative spark and her analytical side.

Originally a painter and concept artist from the University of Michigan, she broadened her horizons to embrace the performing arts as a Radio personality for Split Infinity Radio - an international station that geared itself towards the gaming community.

Never dropping the paintbrush, or the wacom tablet, Zoe's artwork has crossed over seamlessly into the digital age, evoking mood through color and line, often pulling from sub-culture genre and 19th century literature as her inspirations.

Zoe delights in sharing the creative spark of imagination derived from the written word, with others. Her artwork evokes mood, as she strives to visualize the intangible through voice and imagery.

From Canvas to Design, she infuses everything she touches with her own sense of style, while maintaining the ideal that function always takes precedent to form.

One of her favorite pastimes include Role-playing games (like NWN1), due to their immersive quality, and dedicated forums which encourage fan-fiction.

If ever there was a crowning achievement, it was her ability to laugh at herself while maintaining her "Salty yet Sweet" viewpoint.

Zoe is a professional narrator. She has been classically trained in 4 instruments and plans on teaching herself cello once/if she gets some free time. She enjoys travel, food, and reading IEEE forums.

Educational History

Painting and Drawing, Photography University of Michigan