Marieke Van Der Maelen

Marieke Van Der Maelen is a current graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center. She works to combine both high and low technologies to create installation art that reflect experiences and interactions within an urban ecosystem and the symbiotic relationship between artificial and natural biomes.

Before coming to the ETC, Marieke pursued a career as an art conservator in Chicago, where she helped preserved period clothing for the Milwaukee Harley Davidson Museum, conserved antique Japanese and West African ethnographic textiles, and restored a rare Finn Juhl “floating couch.”

She comes from a background in art, science, and education. Her diverse interests continue to inform her work at the ETC where she is exploring new ways to combine green technologies and 1:12 scale miniatures while maintaining structural integrity, artistic detail, and function. She hopes to make these experiences more accessible to the general public by developing play scale models that are inviting, portable, and can fit into small spaces.

Current Project: Immersion Semester

Role: Producer/ Designer