Michael Duke

Mike is from Rochester Hills, Michigan, and if you ask him where that is he will be sure to point at his right hand to show you. For those who cannot see his hand it is a little north of Detroit. He came to Pittsburgh in Fall of 2000, and is yet to find a good reason to leave. He is pursuing his degree in Entertainment Technology with the hopes of desiging roller coasters some day. Even if that doesn't happen he loves video games and movies and would love to work on either. When you can't find him working in the lab he is probably out playing some sport or another. Mike often goes biking and running. In addition, he loves to play Volleyball and Soccer. You might also try looking for him at an amusement park, he has been to more than 30 different ones in his life time. His father would take him on road trips to amusement parks to go ride and see the next big thing whenever they came out. It is a quality way to spend some time during the summer.

Educational History

Bachelors of Computer Science, Bacholers of Mechanical Engineering, Minor in Engineering Design, 2004 Carnegie Mellon University