Mina Yoo

For a substantial portion of her life, Mina has been interested in the fields of Interactive Media and Human-Computer Interaction. With funding from the Korean government, she is currently in her first year of studying with Pittsburgh renowned ETC.

Her aspirations are to give people excellent experiences they will remember for the rest of their lives. She believes that meaningful events are enduring and she is in constant persual to design with that permanance in mind. Mina enjoys applying new technology to create those meaningful activities through interactive systems such as games for artistic or educational goals. At this crux of flourishing new games, interactive media and locative media, her objective is to make moving and dense personal experiences through those mediums.

Based on her past involvement from the foundations of art, industrial design, young adult education, team projects in Korea and the ETC, she is looking for a chance to work in the theme entertainment industry as an Experience Design Producer.

Educational History

B.A. Industrial Design/Multimedia Cultures Seoul National University