Martin Mittner

I'm an artist at heart. I have a fine art background and I used to do a lot of sculpture working with everything from bronze to wood. Small wonder then that I am drawn to modeling and texturing. Yes, I have some experience with animation, and that lends itself to making better models that animators can work with. But, my true passion is modeling. I love to shape models out, and modern texturing techniques not only allow me to paint on a model, but actually take the details of my modeling to a whole new level.

I came to Carnegie Mellon with only a basic experience in 3D. I had always been interested but never found enough time to delve into programs like Maya or Max. However, during the first semester I worked on my teams as a texture artist and began my exploration of modeling and texturing. Now I am constantly striving to learn more and improve on the skills I have gathered. It's something I can lose myself in, I have yet to work on a project where I was bored with this discipline. For that reason, amongst many, I hope to find a position in the gaming world where I can apply these skills and build on them.

Educational History

Oakland University Business and General Management