Paul Capriolo

Paul has been into gaming all his life. He loves competitive gaming, and he is a huge Nintendo fan boy. Most notably, he is ranked 80th in the world in Mario Kart DS and has qualified for pro Super Smash Brothers tournaments through Major League Gaming. Aside from competitive video gaming, Paul is a fan of any game with advanced strategy and has played on the University of Maryland's chess club, is a huge poker fanatic, and is ranked 12th in Maryland in Magic: The Gathering (which he considers the one of the most strategic games ever created).

Paul already has a good deal of experience in the game industry. He worked for EA Sports remotely for two years as the University of Maryland Campus Rep while he was obtaining his Computer Science degree and this past summer worked at Scaleform.

Paul's goals are to do programming and game design; something that is technical but also allows room for creativity. He loves to code and he loves to problem solve. He is a quick learner and hopes that he can contribute as much to the ETC as he is getting from it.

Educational History

Computer Science University of Maryland, College Park