Prateek Gudihal

Prateek was born in India, raised in Florida. He has always immersed himself in various forms of fiction including novels, videogames, and films. From the long nights of playing Starcraft or GoldenEye to board games like Small World or tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons, games have always been a part of his life one way or another.

He attended Carnegie Mellon University beginning in 2008 as an undergraduate student in Information Systems with a focus in Computer Science. Now he hopes to combine the knowledge from his undergraduate degree with his passion for all things games at the ETC.

At the ETC, he has acquired experience with C#, Unity, and Panda3d. Armed with a deeper understanding of the mechanics and creativity behind game development he hopes to take his experience at the ETC into a career in the gaming/entertainment industry.

Role: Producer/Engineer

Educational History

B.S. Information Systems Carnegie Mellon

Work History

Seecquel Game Design Fall 2012   Dark Clutches Programmer/Web Spring 2013   HachiBashi (Interactive Japanese Culture) Producer/Engineer Fall 2013