Raymond Mazza III

Ray graduated Colby College with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Physics. Some of his focused work included writing an assembler for a computer chip simulator, using genetic algorithms to evolve trees in 3D graphics, and a senior project building a 3D engine and virtual world. When Ray enrolled in a computer game course he soon realized that his dream of becoming a game programmer was not just a fantasy. In his spare time, which he doesn't have, Ray likes to practice Tang Soo Do, juggle chipmunk-sized objects, and ponder the ridiculous. He can't wait to work with everyone at the ETC.

---- Update ----

Wow, that was from 2001, before I entered the ETC. How far we've all come. The year is now 2008, and it's coming to a close.

After graduating, I joined The Sims 2 team at EA as a gameplay scripter. From there, I became a game designer on the Sims 3.

On the side, I almost had success publishing a card game called The Perfect Present. The publisher I licensed it to (Warren Industries) got bought out (by RoseArt) then *they* got bought out by MegaBrands, whose game division went out of business. So close. It was available on Amazon & BarnesAndNoble.com, but I was disappointed with the published version. I'm working on fixing it, and my agent is going to continue shopping the game around.

I've also recently become interested in writing, which I try to do if I can find some spare time.

Educational History

BS, Computer Science and Physics, 2001 Colby College