Rachel Berkowitz

In 2005, Rachel came to Carnegie Mellon as a violin performance major. After learning about the work being done at the ETC, she switched her major to a program where she could combine music with multimedia, and eventually started composing music for videogames and other interactive experiences.

Before coming to the ETC in 2009, she worked on various projects at Schell Games, a local Pittsburgh company founded by ETC faculty member Jesse Schell, including composing the music for The Sum of All Thrills, an attraction at EPCOT in Walt Disney World.

First and foremost, Rachel is passionate about creating media with wholesome and beneficial content, in hopes of making the world a better place through technology.

During her second semester at the ETC, she served as music composer on an iPhone game called MadDash, an ETC project in collaboration with the Fred Rogers Center. Designed for preschoolers and parents to play together, the game encourages physical activity, imaginative free play, and positive safe media creation for young children.

During her third semester at the ETC, she worked as a Flash programmer on a project for Give Kids the World Village, a resort in Orlando, Florida where children with life-threatening illnesses can go to share memorable experiences with their families. She programmed the front-end user interface for a reservation system, as well as several minigames, that are currently on a touchscreen kiosk in the lobby at Give Kids the World Village.

She spent her last semester at the ETC out at the Redmond, Washington campus, working with an ETC team on a project for Microsoft.

Educational History

B.H.A. Music Performance & Multimedia Production Carnegie Mellon