Regis Frey

As a child Regis built elaborate wooden block zoos for his brothers to play with. That drive to make spaces in which others could play carried on through high school where time spent animating in Flash led to time spent drawing and programming games. He split his studies at the University of Pittsburgh between computer science and fiction writing constructing experiences with both words and code.

Regis is at the ETC to practice crafting experiences in teams. He is interested in both the simulated virtual worlds of video games and the virtual spaces we inhabit on the internet. His mix of art background, storytelling ability, and coding chops allows him to guide ideas from concept to prototype to release.

Role: Designer

2D Art

Past Projects

  • Foxhole

  • Lazer Mouse

Educational History

Writing (Fiction) University of Pittsburgh

Work History

Lazer Mouse User Experience Spring 2013   Foxhole (Year-Long Studio Film) Writer Fall 2013