Samuel Spiro

Sam hails from scenic New York City, where he acquired a taste for easily accessible activities and all-night restaurants.

During his undergraduate career at Carnegie-Mellon University Sam worked on a variety of projects including Marvin the Paranoid Maze-Wandering Android and Ernie the Confused Elevator Bot. During this time, he also engaged himself in several internships, working for Lockheed Martin, IBM's Extreme Blue program, and IBM Research.

After graduating with a degree in Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction,Sam accepted gainful employment within IBM's Software Division. However, after working there as a Software Engineer and Interaction Designer for three years, it became clear that no matter how hard he tried, IBM was unwilling to branch out into the gaming industry. Thus, Sam succmbed to the gravitational pull of Pittsburgh once more and found himself attending the ETC.

Sam enjoys such things as: fine cuisine that he does not have to cook, fencing, and sleep. He is also rather good at video games, if he does say so himself.

At the moment, Sam is looking for a full-time position as a programmer at a game company after graduation this may.

Educational History

Computer Science/Human-Computer Interaction Carnegie-Mellon University