Sarah Tan

Sarah is passionate about VR and making a difference in the world. She was the Head TA for Building Virtual Worlds (Fall '16) and the only TA for Game Design, Prototyping and Production (Spring '16). Primarily a gameplay programmer, she also has experience in VR design, game design, and HCI. Where Sarah truly shines is in terms of her soft skills: as an extrovert, she loves working with people, is a great conflict mediator, and a natural leader. After graduation, Sarah joined Against Gravity as an early employee, where she works as a Gameplay Engineer on Rec Room, a social VR game.


Past Projects

  • Code Blue

  • Ignite

Educational History

Carnegie Mellon University, Entertainment Technology Center
Master of Entertainment Technology

National University of Singapore, School of Computing
Bachelor of Computing in Communications and Media (Second Upper)

Work History

Game Developer Intern
Dog on a Horse, Brooklyn, NY

Creative Technology Intern
Metalworks by Maxus, Singapore