Shashank Srinivasan

My interest in Computer Graphics started since the day I saw Jurassic Park. I was awestruck by the living dinosaurs. I was old enough to know that dinosaurs were extinct, but was really surprised how they made it look so real on screen. So Computer Graphics and Animation has been a childhood dream. So boldly and enthusiastically I decided to pursue a career in the field of Animation. During the course of my undergrad I quickly realized that animation was only a small part of the broader term Multimedia. I was introduced to the concepts of 2D animation, 3D animation, Web Designing, DVD authoring and Game development. My first Multimedia project "Guitar" was rated as one of the best projects among the first year students. Though my Bachelors helped me get a good generalistic foundation, I felt the need to specialize. After my Bachelors, I applied to Vancouver Film School (VFS) and got admitted.VFS is one the top Animation and Digital Effects schools in the world. Here I learnt really advanced CG techniques like Camera Tracking, Blue Screen Keying, High Dynamic Image Based Rendering ( HDRI ), Hierarchy Based Rigging and Advanced Multi channel - Multi pass Integration. I have graduated with an Advanced Diploma and created a demo reel incorporating almost all aspects of a 3D production pipeline. But All through my student career I have felt a need to collaborate with a team of creative individuals with various skill sets and be a part of a team that realizes a project from the Concept through the Execution to the Final Presentation. So I took a decision to apply to the Masters in Entertainment Technology programmer at Carnegie Mellon University. It seemed to be the perfect road towards this goal. Working with different people from different backgrounds of Art, Design, Film and Programming is a rare opportunity at the student level. A very few educational institutions encourage this kind of cross disciplinary interaction and project development. Now at Carnegie Mellon Entertainment Technology Center, I am really enjoying the Creative, Artistic and Technical collaboration in realizing visions and experiences and continue to ponder the endless boundaries that this new medium can explore and conquer....

Educational History

Bachelors in Multimedia. Advanced Diploma in 3D Animation and VFX-Vancouver Film School