Soo Jeong Bae

A little girl of about five sat on the piano bench and started to improvise some tunes. Her playing continued for hours, until the room grew too dark to see anything. The girl rose, turned on a light, and then laid out an enormous, empty sketchbook, larger than her own body. Gazing at the page, her eyebrows scrunched in seriousness.

Soo Jeong Bae is that girl, now twenty years older. From an early age, Soo turned to art to convey her feelings and spend most of her free time inventing and creating everything from plays to board games.

As Soo grew up, after juggling various loves, she studied visual design at Ewha University. Then before coming to ETC, she attended a unique graduate program at Yonsei University, focusing on management in international settings where she served as an executive member of GSA, promoting events large and small, from a networking party with other GSIS schools in Seoul to an international fundraiser for 500.

Soo gained a nickname, ̢

Educational History

BFA, Visual Information Design Ewha Women University iMBA Yonsei Graduate School of International Studies