Tae Fun Shim

Taefun Shim has had a dream of pioneering a new field which is integrated with music in games, movies, and animation since he learned music and played the instruments from his early years in his life. He had a very wide range of interest in games as well as music. Whenever he sees a new game title each, he could pick up the exact features of strength and weakness in the games. For example, he has an ability to foresee which game can be successful and which one will be failed in the market. He has believed that the games that do not attract users mainly miss paying attention to the music effects. Even though they are in perfect in graphics, stories, programs and systems, they do not give a strong impact to the users if there is no such impressive background music or sound effect, accelerating the game marketing. Besides his interest in games, he has shown his excellent capacity as a classical musician. After graduating from high school, he got an admission from Seoul National University with an honor of the best Contrabass player. During his undergraduate years, he had a wide ranging concern both for his major studies in music and his extra-curricular activities; He had been a chief member of the Bass part in Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra Inc. and Seoul Korean Symphony Orchestra.

Educational History

Dept. of Instrumental Music, String Major Seoul National University