Jason Lin (Tong)

Jason grew up in a small city in China playing almost all forms of funny kids games, playing little stones trick, Chinese chess, climbing all kinds of trees, setting things on fire with magnifying glasses and doing many other things that kids do. At an early age he developed an interest in math and computer programming. And then Jason earned his Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science from Huaqiao University (HQU) in China. During his undergraduate career, Jason focused on Computer Vision study. All these interest and experiences was born out of a desire to bring his visions to life as visual effects, CGI animations and video games.

Upon graduation, Jason decided to further his study and get serious about getting into the entertainment industry, so he applied and entered the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) of Carnegie Mellon (CMU). And he is now a happy member of the ETC family. Jason hopes to use his time at CMU learning as much as he can about the various facets of the visual effects, CGI animation and video gaming industry while working with so many geniuses on projects that produce top quality artifacts that are intended to entertain, inform or inspire people.

Educational History

B.S. in Computer Science Huaqiao University