Tsung-Han Lee

As a child, TsungHan showed talent in mathematics, physics, and logic. He enjoyed reading children's science magazines, solving mathematical problems, and playing puzzle games. His enthusiasm for problem-solving zeroed in on video games when he got an Apple II computer at age 6. He loved the challenge of all kinds of games and could find the best way to clear stages in a very short time. Ever since then, TsungHan has been completely fascinated by the video game world.

Deeply influenced by video games, TsungHan has long dreamed of designing his own game. After working on video codec programming for 3 years, he left his job to pursue his dream at Carnegie Mellon University. Working on projects with teammates from other fields is a totally different experience for him. He enjoys the cooperation and believes that he is getting closer to his goal in the process. Upon graduation, TsungHan wants to focus on 3D engines, CG tools, and gameplay development. In the long run, he expects himself to become a brilliant producer and make a huge impact in the entertainment industry.

Educational History

B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science National Taiwan University, Fu Jen University