Victoria Webb

What is it that makes up a great story? Is it the writing? The way words flow across a page? The sounds they make as they are spoken becoming sharp and soft, rhythmical and broken as the tale demands it? Or is it in the visual elements? The way a man stands as he gazes out a window or the pattern of light and dark on a sidewalk as the sun passes behind red tinged tree? Is it in the sounds we hear? The clatter of leaf hitting leaf as the wind passes through the trees? The radio heard faintly in the distance? What happens to story when we start to interact with it? Is it broken when we choose to go right instead of left? Or does it follow us, adapting and becoming unique based on our choices, the pieces flowing into a greater whole that means more to us now by the fact that we helped craft that particular telling? Is there more?

Victoria seeks the power hidden in a strong narrative that is not just confined to words on a piece of paper or pictures seen on a screen. The biggest challenge lies in creating a story that has to adapt to the choices made by the guest and yet keeps constant the greater arc that makes the telling of that tale important. Very few interactive experiences contain a strong story, while allowing guests to make choices that mean something. Victoria wants to change that.

Educational History

BA English-Communications, 2001 Fort Lewis College