Wei-Feng Huang

Born and raised in Taiwan, Wei-Feng Huang was an addictive gamer with multiple interests. As he played a broader range of games, he began to be less and less satisfied with simple competition, and started analyzing games with a more critical eye, looking at them as pieces of art that bring together music, sound effects, voice acting, visuals, and artistic creativity. At last, he tried to make games of his own.

He earned his B.S. Computer Science degree in National Taiwan University. At that time, he spent most of his course time in game relative subjects like CG, Visual Effects and Virtual Reality. He also completed a FPS game with The Fly Engine and a 3D puzzle game with the application of anaglyph. When he started looking for the opportunity to engage in bigger scale projects with industry level teammates, he found ETC- this project driven program with talented classmates from various backgrounds-is exactly the place he want to go, to polish the skill he got, to contribute what he has learned.

"In the game industry today, you can't develop a AAA title by one person. This is the era that emphasizes cooperation, instead of individualism. As a programmer, presenting artists' efforts with highest quality and performance is my duty, is the job that I long for!" After working in panda3d game engine project, Nvidia sponsored multiple GPU rendering research and the medieval combined arms game project Ethereal, Wei-Feng has the chance to coop in ngmoco:) as a software engineer intern this semester. Now, facing the challenges and opportunities stand in front of him, Wei-Feng is so excited and ready to pull off!

Educational History

B.S. Computer Science National Taiwan University