Yukti Gupte

Yukti Gupte is an aspiring technical artist with an interest in rigging and animation. Currently, she is a 2D and 3D game artist with a deep passion for storytelling. At the Entertainment Technology Centre, she aims to learn how to balance client expectations with team expertise, all while working with team members with a variety of skills. Yukti’s goal is to gain a deep understanding of the entire game production pipeline, in order to take on a leadership role and drive creative vision in future projects. The ETC’s project-based curriculum provided her a hands-on approach towards pursuing these goals, as well as important lessons in teamwork and communication. Yukti looks forward to taking these learnings and applying them to real projects in the industry. She often looks to lived experiences and to literature for inspiration. In her spare time, she enjoys watching anime and reading books.

Current Project: Immersion Semester