Yidi Zhu

Yidi Zhu is a passionate game designer and programmer. He graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a background in Computing and Building Engineering. He went to ETC to pursue his dream of being a game developer.

Yidi loves making meaningful games with rich interactions, for which he is relentlessly sharpening his skills in game design and development. He is also remotely leading a team of 6 to develop indie games.

Now he graduated from the ETC. How time flies!

Current Project: Isetta Engine

Role: Engine Programmer

Internship: Spaces & Schell Games

Game Design

Past Projects

  • Isetta Engine

  • Prism

Work History

- Engineering Intern at Schell Games, on a location-based entertainment project - VR Programming Intern at Spaces Inc. (spaces.com) - Engine Programmer on Isetta Engine (isetta.io) - Programmer and Game Designer on Project Prism (prismgame.org) - Co-founder and Indie Developer at Halite Games Studio (halitegames.com) - Contract programmer for "Lighten My Way"