Dicky (Ying) Lou

Dicky is always a dreamer, she decided to put her imagination in animation and film since she was in the middle school. As Dicky got in the Beijing University of Posts and Communications, majoring in Digital Media Arts, she worked on projects combined with art and technology most of the time, which providing her chances to show the talent in film making. She has also gained great skills in working with all film editing and visual effects software in her undergraduate. After her internships in a education channel in a TV station as a journalist/editor and in a training school as a teacher, she became more determined to work in the field of entertainment technology to create happiness and share it with people all over the world.

Then she got into the ETC. As a 2D artist and game designer in Building Virtual World class, Dicky got a lot of chances to work with the latest technology and kept learning like a sponge. Quickly she learned to work with platforms like XBox 360 Kinect, Wii mote, PS3 Move, HMD, etc. And she became a good stage designer working in Unity 3D.

Dicky is always willing to support her teammates, as a leader or a team member. She is an artist working on the combination of art and technology. She has her own CPU, which is Creativity, Personality and Unity, always willing to work with other dreamers and create happiness!