Yu-Hsin Chang

After studying in computer science for over four years and doing research on pattern recognition for two years, YuHsin has the confidence that she is practiced in the fundamental knowledge of computer science, skilled in programming, and proficient in digital media. Her special interests are in visual effects in film and game development. Due to her interest in entertainment technology, she began to study it to gain a fundamental knowledge of it. During a course in digital visual effect in 2005, she created her first short effect movie.

Yuhsin also enjoys the process of working in multi-disciplinary project teams. While in graduate school, she has gained numerous experiences in cooperating with people with a different background from her. Yuhsin is now in the Entertainment Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon University to get more experience in cooperating in multi-disciplinary project teams. Her goal is to find a job related to film making or game development.

Educational History

BS, MS in Computer Science and Information Engineering National Taiwan University