Zifeng Tian

With my undergraduate Interaction Design background and graduate Entertainment Technology background in CMU, my training in design and program, and my internship experience in an industry-leading interaction design company, I believe I can call myself an interaction designer. In May I will complete my master degree in Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University. As part of the requirements for this degree, I am involved in serious of projects that have given me experience assisting with the analysis of the certain requirements and manage all the work in team. I also have completed a course in programming. My experience also includes working full-time as an interaction designer in an industry-leading interaction design company. Because of my knowledge about this area, I have been exposed to and participated in several projects, and in charge of interaction design. As the assistant, I produced requirement analysis reports that allow me to explain the idea to my producer. I am also in charge of design flow chart and interaction design documentation which can help my other teammates to understand the product. I believe my combination of interaction design background and interaction designer training is an excellent practice for a good interaction designer.

Educational History

Hunan University Industry/Interaction Design